The world's leading competition for young violinists
Soo-Been Lee at Menuhin Violin Competition
"I sat back and could only gasp with amazement..." Michael White, The Daily Telegraph

Get to know the Contestants of the Menuhin Competition Austin 2014

Senior Competitors

Jungmin Jennifer Choi
Born: 10 May1994

I am so excited to participate in the Menuhin Competition! I am sure this competition will be one of the best experiences in my life. I can't wait to go to Austin! 

Aaron Timothy Chooi
Born: 17 December1993

I'm so honoured and privileged to be chosen for the 2014 Menuhin Competition.  I'm overjoyed to have an opportunity to perform in front of a distinguished panel of jury, for the Austin public and to collaborate with other musicians. As an aspiring artist, I look forward to this wonderful event!

Gloria Ferry-Brennan
Born: 26 October 1996

It is such an honour to be invited to participate in the Menuhin Competition! I'm looking forward to meeting all of the amazing adjudicators and fellow musicians.

Roman  Filipov
Born: 09 June 1992

I am very happy to be selected to participate in the contest. This is one of the most important and happiest moments of my life! I look forward to the beginning of this momentous event for me.

Ania Filochowska
Born: 08 December 1993

I feel truly honoured and thrilled to be accepted for the Menuhin Competition 2014. I am really looking forward to coming and playing in Austin!

William Hagen
Born: 09 November 1992

I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to take part in the Menuhin Competition!  It is a huge honour for me, and I cannot wait to play in Austin.

Stephen Kim
Born: 12 October 1995

It is such a thrill to have the opportunity to perform in the Menuhin Competition. I look forward very much to the warm and inspiring atmosphere of music-making in Austin, Texas!

Alina Ming Kobialka
Born: 03 April 1997

It is such an honour to be invited to the 2014 Menuhin International Violin Competition! I am very excited to be a part of this phenomenal experience, and I cannot wait to meet everyone and make music! 

Miyeon Lee
Born: 21 May 1994

I'm so happy to participate in the Menuhin Competition! I'm also thrilled to meet other great musicians all over the world. I hope to develop my musicality better throughout this competition.

Zeyu Victor Li
Born: 07 July 1996

I felt really happy that I can participate in the Menuhin Competition 2014 in Austin! I heard from my friends that Texas is a very beautiful state and I haven't been there yet. I am really looking forward to meet all the violinists from all over the world and I will do my best in the competition! 

Chi Li
Born: 22 February 1994

Competitions play a very important role in music, especially for us, young musicians. This competition is no doubt a high level competition and a great event to participate in. We learn a lot from it: we practice like lunatics and we make progress. I'm delighted to be selected; I feel very excited and look forward to it.

Christine Lim
Born: 16 October 1994

I am very honored to be invited to participate in the event in Austin, Texas.  I look forward to meeting new friends from many different countries, sharing the moment of excitement in the great musical atmosphere, and Menuhin's Belief in peace and harmony from the  power of music.

Kevin Lin
Born: 16 May1993

It's an enormous honour to be able to participate in the 2014 Menuhin Competition-Austin. I look forward to two weeks of unforgettable music making!

Hao Miao
Born: 31 October 1993

I feel really happy that I have been selected to participate in the Menuhin Competition Austin 2014. I had applied previously, but did not advance to the live rounds; that made me work harder on my playing. I am excited to go to Austin and take part in this prestigious competition.

Kyung Ah Oh
Born: 13 August 1992

It's an honor to be invited to the Menuhin Competition in 2014. Above all, I am really glad to perform my music for the audience and meeting new people in Austin.

Yu-Ah Ok
Born: 23 July 1993

I'm so glad to get a chance to participate Menuhin Competition Austin 2014. It is the first competition in USA in my lifetime. I wish I can achieve a good result in the competition.

Ji-Won Song
Born: 25 December 1992

I am very honoured and excited to be part of the 2014 Menuhin Competition. I look forward to being inspired among great musicians. Thank you so much!

Max Tan
Born: 24 February 1993

I am thrilled and honored to participate in a such a world-renowned musical experience – a chance to channel the philosophy of Yehudi Menuhin, who regarded collaboration among young musicians as an integral part of his musical growth. To experience the warm culture of the competition, make new friends, and see the beautiful city of Austin all while pursuing one of my musical dreams is a true pleasure!

Natsumi Tsuboi
Born: 05 July 1993

I am honored to be able to participate in Menuhin Competition. You could not imagine how excited I was when I heard this great news. I look forward to having valuable and unforgettable experience with other participants from all over the world.

Stephen  Waarts
Born: 15 July 1996

I feel very privileged to be able to take a place in such a great festival. I look forward to this inspiring and unique opportunity for me to share and improve my music!

In Mo Yang
Born: 26 July 1995

I am very glad I can perform and communicate with others in the Menuhin Competition. I'm excited to be there and have the opportunity to meet great artists.

Minami Yoshida
Born: 24 June 1998

I am very happy to be able to participate in the Menuhin Competition. When I perform, it will be with deep gratitude in my heart. I often dream about Bach, and if I produce unfeeling sounds he chases me with a scary look on his face. Even at times like this, I will play with love in my heart and in the future want to become a violinist who can communicate the joy of music to others.

Junior Competitors

Elvina Sung-Eun Auh
Born: 10 June 1999

There was horrible rain over the night in London and I had a bad morning....this FANTASIC news gave me Sunshine all around me. Am I in Texas already? Please pinch me and tell me this is not a dream!

Aristides Boutris
Born: 27 September 2000

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the Menuhin Competition 2014.  It is thrilling to be able to participate in musical experiences with extraordinary musicians from around the world and an incredible music scene in Austin, Texas.

Josephine Chung
Born: 11 November 1998

I am thrilled to be given the chance to take part in my first international competition. I have heard it is an inspiring and fun experience. I am really looking forward to meeting other violinists from around the world.

Tsutomu William Copeland
Born: 10 September 1998

I was shocked and overjoyed when I received the results. I am honoured and extremely thankful that I have the opportunity to be a part of this extraordinary competition. Yee-haw!

Rennosuke Fukuda
Born: 11 October 1999

It has always been my dream to perform in the Menuhin Competition. I will continue to devote myself to my studies and practice so as to make myself worth of selection and make this a truly memorable competition. I am also looking forward to meeting the people of Austin.

Ludvig Gudim
Born: 02 February 1999

Being chosen to participate in the Menuhin Competition 2014 was very exciting! I am very much looking forward to meet and make friends with other young violinists through our stay in Austin!

Alena Hove
Born: 05 April 1999

Thank you so much for this opportunity! I am very thrilled and honoured to be a part of this amazing festival.


Antoni Ingielewicz
Born: 03 May 2001

When I first heard that I had been successful, I couldn't believe it! I feel very privileged and honoured to be given the opportunity to perform. I'm so excited that I'll get to visit the United States for the very first time, participate in so many violin related events and hopefully make some new friends from around the world!

Donghyun Kim
Born: 15 October 1999

I'm so thrilled about the pre-selection result and feel honoured that I can be there, my dream competition. I've dreamed that I would meet outstanding young artists from other countries and compete with them and also play together.

Haram Kim
Born: 29 May 1998

The Menuhin Competition will be my first international competitive event. I am really looking forward this opportunity; to being one of the Menuhin Competition competitors. I will try my best to have no regrets about my playing in the Competition.

Emiri Kobayashi
Born: 10 March 2000

It is a great honour for me to have the chance to join the Menuhin Competition Austin 2014. I would like to express my special thanks to all concerned. I am so excited to perform and play musical pieces from my heart.

Paul Kropfitsch
Born: 24 August 2000

Greatissimo! This gives me even more motivation to practice, knowing being selected with other 40 very good violinist! Austin, I am coming :)

Yesong Sophie Lee
Born: 25 September 2003

It is amazing! I am thrilled to meet famous violinists from all over the world and meet new friends. I feel very honoured to play in the most famous competition in the world. I will enjoy once in a lifetime experience. Thank you so much for inviting me to the Menuhin Competition.

Geneva Lewis
Born: 17 May 1998

I'm very excited and honoured to have been chosen to participate in the 2014 Menuhin Competition in Austin, Texas where I look forward to performing, learning, seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I plan to take advantage of this opportunity to its fullest, and I look forward to this incredible experience.

Daniel Lozakovitj
Born: 01 April 2001

I’m very happy and excited! My participation in this competition will be the most important and challenging experience in my life. I feel so lucky to be able to hear live the concerts of outstanding musicians and share our music from the heart together. No matter who wins I´m sure that friendship and love to music wins everything!

Taichi Miyamoto
Born: 18 August 1999

I feel really honored to have been chosen to join the competition in Texas. I am very excited to meet the fantastic musicians from all over the world, and also looking forward to finding out how my music and technical skills would be perceived by international audience.  I will do my best, and most of all really would like to enjoy this competition.

Jaewon Wee
Born: 05 October 1999

I am thrilled and honoured to participate in one of the most prestigious competition in the world. I look forward to performing in front of the world famous musicians and meeting many talented competitors from all over the world. I will enjoy this wonderful opportunity and make valuable memories in Austin.

Claire Wells
Born: 24 April 2001

When I received the exciting news of my acceptance, I was speechless. I am ever so grateful for this amazing opportunity to participate in the Menuhin Competition! I look forward to meeting and learning from outstanding musicians, to meet up with some old friends, and to make new musical friends as well.

Ilana Zaks
Born: 10 February 2000

When I found out I have been accepted I felt like I could fly. Being able to participate in this event is a dream come true. I am very honoured to be chosen for this incredible event! I can't wait for February!

Alex Zhou
Born: 03 July 2001

I am elated to have been invited to go to Texas and compete in one of the world's best violin competitions. I am sure that this will be a great experience for all the competitors, not just because of the opportunity to play violin, but also to learn and meet new friends.